Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Days until RACE DAY!

Hello bloggy friends! My appologies for the delay in shirt information... we had some issues with the shirts that should all be squared away. The shirts are going to be GREAT and designed by Elizabeth herself! They are slightly v-necked, steel blue in color, with white, dark blue and brown writing on the front and back. I appolgize that we still do not have a final price, but I will have that for you before race day! I am confident that they should not be more than $20 and hopefully less. At this time, those of you who ordered a shirt will PAY and PICK UP your shirt on Saturday, March 5th BEFORE the race! The race begins at 8 am so it is best to plan to be there by 7:30 to ensure you get your shirt to wear before the race starts. Anyone who ordered a shirt but will not be there race day, please make sure you email the account with your mailing information and we will mail you your shirt. We will reply to your message about where to send your check. We will have a few extra shirts available, but not many. If you did not pre-order one, then bring your cash as we may have extras. If you pre-ordered a shirt and do not want it, please let us know ASAP!

You can still sign up for the 5K. Please visit THIS LINK to register online. Please email us at and let us know you are coming!

The race will start and finish near the Little Rock Riverfront Ampitheatre (400 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock). The Marathon has not yet posted a parking map for the race. I am going to try to park in the FREE parking lot under the I-30 overpass in downtown. HERE is a map of the 5K race. The lot I am talking about is in the center of the race course, so it is likely that it will not be open on race day. Again, we need to make sure we arrive in plenty of time to park and meet up together before the race starts at 8!  No matter where you park, we should all plan to meet at the Starting Line at 7:30. I will be holding a large bouquet of PINK balloons or will have a poster board that says TEAM ELIZABETH! Someone at the starting line will have your t-shirt and will take your t-shirt money. If you did not order a shirt, feel free to wear your gray "Praying for Elizabeth" shirt or anything blue or gray.

If you plan to cheer from the sidelines, feel free to bring signs etc! We are so appreciative of your support!

After the race, Elizabeth would like to invite anyone- whether they are particpating in the 5K race or not, to join her and her family and friends at Dizzy's Grill in downtown Little Rock (200 Commerce Street, Little Rock) for lunch after the race. They open at 11 am and I anticipate us being there at that time.

As always... if you have ANY questions... please email us at

Update on our girl (the REAL reason for this blog!).... Ms. Elizabeth Parsley

Elizabeth PASSED her driving test! 2 weeks ago she drove a real car... on a real interstate... for the FIRST time in 5 months. She did AWESOME and is now approved to drive in town. Since she is still experiencing some problems with vision (PRAYER REQUEST), she will retest in 1 month for approval to drive outside of town on the interstate. Join me in congratulating Elizabeth!

Elizabeth will be DONE with Physical and Occupational Therapy at the end of February (PRAISE!) She will continue speech therapy for a few more weeks since she has not been in it as long as the other 2. Elizabeth's speech is perfect, but she experiences many cognitive benefits from speech therapy so she will continue for a few more sessions.

Elizabeth has come a long, long, LONG way. Almost 6 months ago, she was in a wreck that almost claimed her life. The past 1/2 year has been filled with many life interruptions. Elizabeth and her family are most gracious to God for not only sparing her life, but taking them through this trial. They realize that there are others that have not been as fortunate as she. Not only is she alive, but she will soon be back  to life as "normal." Elizabeth asks that you pray for those like our friend Mark, that are still fighting for their life after a traumatic brain injury. She also asks that you continue to pray for her as therapy sessions come to a close and she is expected to "get back to life" after 6 months of rehab. Most importantly, she asks that you put your trust in the same Jesus that has carried her and her family through this trial. His love is never ending and His grace is sufficient.

Lastly, I leave you with this video that Mrs. Michelle, E's mom asked that I post. May their faith encourage you as it has me!

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