Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

I got a brief update from Jacob today. The eye doctor did come today and said that the "cloudiness" in Elizabeth's eyes and occasional difficulty seeing is due to the medication that she is on. It is nothing to worry about. (PRAISE.)

Jacob did mention that Elizabeth is getting stronger every day but growing frustrated and weary. We must continue to pray for her strength and encouragement!

Becca is doing much better today. Her fever finally broke and she did walk some and sit in a chair today. She is on a very high dose of antibiotics which have some side effects but seem to be taking care of the problem. The cultures should be back tomorrow and Becca's specialist will decide if she can go home and what medications she will be on that will specifically target the infection she had. 

PRAISE. "Lord we thank you for Elizabeth's healing. We praise you for hearing our prayers and allowing her to remain on earth with us. We thank you for her continued healing."

PRAISE. "We thank you Father that Elizabeth's eyes are ok. We pray that she can eventually wake and sleep on her own and can be taken off the medications helping her with these functions."

PRAISE. "Thank you for Becca's healing. Thank you for clearing her of this infection and for her pain subsiding."

PRAY. "Lord please heal Elizabeth in Your name! We pray that her motor and cognitive function would return 100%."

PRAY. "God we pray for Elizabeth's encouragement. We pray that You would be near her every moment and that You would bless her heart. Give her motivation and determination. Give her physical strength to do her exercises. Give her the mental and emotional stability that she needs to get through each day, one day at a time. Lord when she grows tired, fill her up."

PRAY. "We pray that the doctors and therapists taking care of Elizabeth will deliver a message of truth and hope tomorrow. We pray that you give them wisdom and knowledge in their fields to devise the best plan possible for Elizabeth. We pray that no matter what plan is given, we know and understand that YOU are the ultimate Healer and Physician and are capable of healing Elizabeth in an instant."

PRAY. "We lift up Becca and pray that she continues to heal and can soon be released from the hospital. Lord we pray that the infection would stay away and that this can be the last of her concern with this injury."

PRAY. "Lord let us not grow weary of praying for our friends. Let us dwell on You and rejoice in your mercies."

"So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today."
Matthew 6:24


  1. Thank you Heather for the updates, I am an unknown sister in Christ to E, but I am praying! Praying multiple times a day. What a gift she sounds to be, but so are you. Be encouraged and stay steadfast in the Lord. He has asked us to be patient this past month and I know it's difficult at times, but perservere, so many are praying. In Christian Love, Sincerely.

  2. Spencer R. Wilson & Wilson Auctioneers Inc.October 5, 2010 at 10:50 PM

    We are constantly praying non stop.. and i have stayed with my times to pray for her right before bed time and right when i get up for her and becca and family... you are deffinitely a woman of God to have all the post up for all of us to know what is going on all the time.. E will appreciate you very much one day when she sees how much work and time you have put into this page... To the family: stay strong and keep your faith held high in the mighty God we serve.. dont ever give up hope and know you baby girl is taken care of and will return to the old E very soon... there are many angels around her 24-7 taking care of her and special nurses and doctors who are also.. she is in God's hands and he will protect her at all times... Keep praying and just understand that God is healing her as he has in plan..

    God Bless

  3. Praying for them both! I know God is in control and I know these girls need encouragement. I love them both, constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sarah L.

  4. Liz, we all love you very much. I hope that we can encourage and inspire you the way you have encouraged and inspired so many. Keep fighting sweetheart. Constantly thinking and praying for you, Rach and Brandon, Jacob, Mom and Dad, and Billy.

  5. Such a Blessing to be prayer warriors for these
    awesome women of FAITH! God is constantly
    answering, listenening and Loving on Elizabeth,
    the other young women and the families! God is
    surely smiling as Christians touched by this
    testimony of FAITH grow even closer in their
    journey with Jesus - I definitely have!! Praying
    Elizabeth will have renewed strength&energy this week
    as I know God will be continuing his miracle healings
    as her health is completely restored! Praising God!!