Thursday, October 21, 2010

MRI Scan

Elizabeth will be having an MRI tonight. She is having numbness on the left side of her body. Please be in prayer for this exam that it would reveal what is causing this and that the doctors would know just how to treat E. 

Pray that God continues to heal our sweet girl. She is making progress each day and is working very hard. E still has a long way to go and we must be faithful in prayers for her constant encouragement and that of her family.


  1. Dear Heavenly Father, many miracles were performed not written in The Bible, but those that were written were so that we would believe. We are your believers, and we know that you can and that you do allow miracles today. We ask Dear Heavenly Father that you allow this challenge to be removed from E and that You perform a miracle on her and restore her fully, wholly, and completely: physically, mentally, emotionally, physcologically and not only her spiritual life but all of us associated will be strengthed beyond measure, and You will receive praises, glory, and honor. more will seek a relationship with You. We are allowed to suffer in this life, Jesus was allowed to suffer as well. Bless your child E, as only you : totally, completely, immediately. We Praise You for all the gifts and blessings You have given us and allow us, Thank You for being with E, Please give her a miracle healing. THank You for loving us, Thank You for Jesus, In Christ Our Saviors Name, We pray and ask for this complete miracle. Christian love. Jan

  2. Sonya and Larry SmithOctober 21, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    We are praying - tonight and every single day!

  3. praying for Elizabeth now and every day
    -ashley in houston

  4. Praying daily for Elizabeth & family.

  5. I am praising you Lord, for all the beauty from the depths of the oceans with the amazing creatures to the galaxies, black holes and planets in the heavens-You created all of these, and You created us-to love, honor, and praise you. Your precious creation in E, needs your mercies and grace. Thank you for the strength you have given her thus far, please allow us a miracle today and set her free from this ailment.Thank you for the gift of E to her family, friends and others that she sheds smiles and compassion on. I know you are smiling on her, I know you have blessed her, I know you love her, we do ask for this gift not just for E but for all who know and love her, remove this burden and restore her health. Thank You God, Our Father, thru our Savior Jesus, I ask of these things. Desparately Seeking You, Lord and awaiting the wonderful news. Jan

  6. Elizabeth- My whole family is still thinking about you and praying for you everyday. You showed us a house for sale in Cresthaven a couple of months ago and we'll soon be moving into it. We hope that you'll be able to come and visit us in our "new" home! God bless~~ The Pearsons