Wednesday, October 13, 2010

final t-shirt order

Here is the list of folks that we have just placed a t-shirt order for. Please make sure that you see your name on this list if you have paid for a shirt and not received it! If you do not see your name or have ANY other questions about shirts then please contact Alex at ASAP! This is the final order.

Kristen Foster
Becca Johnson
Britney McRae
Quin Brumfield
Jan Barrow
Morgan Hopkins
Mark Bailey
Clint Bailey
Vickie Crutchfield
Austin Clowers
Shari Adams
Shawn Graham
Janet Llyod
Taylor Hall
Natalie Smith
Beckye Ezell
Lance Heer
John Woodward
Kathy Payne
Adrienne Davis
Ragen Fiddler
Jackie Moon
Courtney Bishop
Caroline Nipper
Maddie Scarbrough
Lacre Acre
Megan Estes
Hilary Smith
Mary Richmond
Marissa Powell
Amanda Jocz

Kristin Shehorn
Heather Fite
Casey Hale
Kim Pope
Brittany Dearien Adam Fite

Little Rock:
Holly Vance
Lauren Rodebush
Brittany Moss
Patricia Vance
Jessica Gobin
Tasha Lowe

Benton/Bryant/Hot Springs:
Meredith Wilson- Hot Springs
Lindsey Kindy- Benton
Jennifer Davidon (Caroline)

Beth Vines

Carrianne Pitsch
Eloise Brown
Brittany Watson (Alex) 
Lisa Hogue
Kassy Whitener
Terry Owens
Glenda Smith
Ruth Hill
Kathleen Miller
Kelli Pierce (Britney)

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  1. I am praying for you, I am singing psalms to Our Lord, I am asking Him to remove this burden from you and restore your health completely. I have not forgotten you nor what you are enduring, you are in my thoughts and prayers numerous times aday. Lovr always Jan in MO