Monday, October 4, 2010

Take Them A Meal

Our sweet girl began her 4th week of hospital stay yesterday. She will almost have been there a month in just a few days!  Elizabeth has made much progress, and we praise God that she is alive! She still has a very long way to go to get back to the person she was before this wreck.

Elizabeth must have maximum assistance for everything that she does. At this time, she must have full assistance to shower, get dressed, brush her teeth, go to the bathroom, eat and to stand.  She does about 20% of the "work." Her aides and nurses help her with these things and her sweet sister Rachel has not left her side for an instant. She is having some trouble with her left side- her left arm moves much slower and she is not using it as much.  She understands that she was in an accident and that she is "sick."  She asks her family multiple times a day if she is going to be ok and if she will ever be normal again.

We should rejoice in the progress she has made... because there has been an unbelievable amount of healing! We must also remember our commitments to pray for this sweet angel until she is 100% again. Her life is far from the life she had 3 weeks ago and her family's life has been drastically impacted as well. Please do not let your prayers cease.

Elizabeth makes a little progress every day (PRAISE!) Her balance and walking continues to improve. She is able to unbuckle the "seat belt" on her wheelchair (huge!)

There is some concern about E's vision. Rachel noticed some "cloudy" spots in her eyes over the weekend and told the physician. They only appear at certain times and E does report difficulty seeing sometimes. An eye doctor will see her tomorrow to check this out.  We must pray that her vision is ok and whatever is causing this is treatable.

Elizabeth is very busy during the day with therapy. She is extremely tired and worn out from a combination of her brain healing and the rigorous exercises they have her doing. Imagine running several miles in a day then trying to visit with people for several hours. Its that exhausting or more for her.  If close friends and family do visit, please be very conscious of the amount of time you spend. E has made comments that she is uncomfortable when people just look at her and stay for long amounts of time. She also " hear a gnat peeing on a cotton ball" so please know that she hears and likely comprehends everything that you might say. Everything that is said in her room, even if not directly to her should be 100% positive. She is having trouble filtering some of the things that she says. If she says something off the wall- just go with it and be encouraging in your response. If you do visit and do not get to see Elizabeth, please understand. This time is still very critical and she must get her rest.

Becca- As of this morning B was recovering very well. She is exhausted since she did not sleep well last night. The cultures done on the tissue removed her leg should be back tomorrow or Wednesday. While her doctor feels confident that he got everything, he is bringing in a Infection Control Specialist to double check her. Please continue to keep Becca in your prayers, she will likely be in the hospital in Jonesboro for the rest of the week.

You got some details.... now dont you dare leave this page without praying and praising! There are also some important announcements below:

PRAISE. Thank Him for healing Elizabeth and Becca.
PRAISE. Praise Him for the miracle that all 3 girls are alive.
PRAISE. Praise God for the progress that Elizabeth continues to make each day.
PRAISE. Praise God for the positive report from Becca's doctor that she should be ok.

PRAY. Pray that God would continue to heal Elizabeth. Pray that her motor skills would improve and that she would re-learn how to do things on her own again. Pray that her mind would heal and that her cognitive function would return.
PRAY. Pray that her left side would improve.
PRAY. Pray for Elizabeth's vision. Pray for the doctor that will evaluate her eyes tomorrow. Pray that whatever is going on can be taken care of.
PRAY. Pray for Becca as she continues to heal. Let her leg heal completely and may she not have any other issues with pain or infection.
PRAY. Pray for encouragement for Elizabeth. Pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.
PRAY. Pray for Bill, Michelle, Billy, Brandon, Rachel and Jacob. Pray that they would be encouraged and loved on. Pray that they would never lose hope and that Jesus never leaves their side.

We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. Romans 5:3-5
MEALS: If you want another way to show your support for this family here's another way! You can go to this link and sign up to take a meal to the Parsley's.  All of the directions and details are listed on this page. If you have trouble with the link, go to "" the last name is "Parsley" and the password is "pars".  I have made slots available for people to take meals Mon, Tues, and Thurs beginning next week for the next month. Depending on where E is in treatment and the response for this is at that time, we may extend it.

SHIRTS: Many of you have paid and not picked up your shirts. If you are in Conway, please go by ReMax on Skyline between 9 and 6 pm. If you cannot pick up in this time, please call Jan at 501-514-1733 to arrange a special pick up time. If you live somewhere else and need your shirt, please contact the person that was assigned to you or Alex at  Some of you have asked for a picture of the shirt... I have not been successfull in uploading. You can email Alex and she will email you back with the picture.

BRACELETS: There are a few bracelets available at Remax. If you go and they are out you can leave your name and number and we will call you if we order more.


  1. Lindsey Vance HartOctober 4, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    I am praying for E and Becca everyday. I think about my blessings and how much God keeps his loving arms around us even when life is so rough. E is an inspiration to me even though I don't know her personally. Keep on smiling girl and keep working hard.

  2. Praying everyday for muh girls. God is the all powerful supernatural Healer.

  3. i am gonna keep praying and beliving god that hes gonna heal both the girls i got my bracelet today and not taking it off untill E is 100 Better and home even though i dont know her i am still praying

  4. Thank you for the time you take to inform us of Elizabeth and Becca. I appreciate your sacrifice of personal time. I am Elizabeth's cousin, in Oklahoma, and super busy with work and my children. Thank you again. And please tell Elizabeth that Amber, the girls and I are happy she is doing so well.

  5. Phil 4:1...Stand FAST in the Lord, my dearly beloved. Please know that you, the family and yes especially E is in our hearts, on our minds, in our prayers, continually. I praise God for all the beauty that He has created, including E, I pray for a full and complete miracle from God and am thankful for all the knowledge and care that He is working thru the medical personel.
    In Christian Love. Jan