Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seek His Face Always

Elizabeth's treatment team will be meeting with her family tomorrow (Wednesday.) In this meeting her doctors and therapists will communicate to E's family what obstacles they feel that she will have to overcome. They will also discuss their treatment plans and the length of time that E will remain at BRI. Right now, it is expected that she will remain there 2 more weeks and then she will go home to her parent's house in Conway.  The treatment team did meet last Wednesday, but the family was not included in the meeting. Many of the tests that were done last week are being redone this week and she has show progress just in one week.  We need to be in prayer for this meeting and the news that will be delivered to the family.

Elizabeth has made so much progress! She is now walking almost entirely on her own! She is able to walk around her room by herself and walked to the cafeteria yesterday while her mom and therapists remained close by.  She is dressing herself, and wore makeup for the first time yesterday in a month.  Her morale is definitely higher and our prayers are being heard for her heart to be filled with the Spirit of God.  Her attention span is also much better that it has been. These are all wonderful advancements and means that her brain is continuing to heal.  She knows her family and friends and even people she hasn't seen in a long time. She knows all of the names of the people taking care of her. E is having some issues with her memory and at times has trouble remembering events from the past.

Elizabeth's family says that her sweet spirit is very much present. She cares so much about every one around her (family, friends, her nursing staff etc). Even though she is sick, she is still concerned about those around her and their well being.  Her heart is on fire for God. She wants to spend the day learning and reciting scripture and for her family members to read to her from the Bible. What an answered prayer!

While E's encouragement is up, she is requesting no visitors at this time. She is very tired still and feels uncomfortable at times when there are many visitors. The hospital is growing to be tiresome and possibly once she gets home visitors will be welcomed. Please understand and be respectful of this request.

Please remember your commitment to pray for Elizabeth and her family. It has been 1 month and 2 days since the accident. It is the desire of our Heavenly Father for us to cry out to Him to heal our friend. We must pray without ceasing!

PRAISE. Praise God for His continued healing of Elizabeth.
PRAISE. Praise Him for her increased awareness and for her sweet spirit being present.
PRAISE. Praise Him for being evident in her life and for giving her hope and encouragement.
PRAY. Pray for her continued healing. Pray that the mechanisms in her brain would work together once again and that her memory, attention, personality, and all of the other functions would be healed.
PRAY. Pray for the doctors that therapists taking care of E. Pray for expertise in their fields and that God would work through them.
PRAY. Pray for the meeting happening tomorrow with the treatment team and Elizabeth's family. Pray that God would prepare their hearts for whatever He has in store for E. Pray that the news that is delivered is positive and hopeful.
PRAY. Pray for Bil, Michelle, Billy, Rachel, Brandon, and Jacob. Pray that they would never lose hope and that God would have a special plan for their lives as well. Pray that they would always keep their eyes on Jesus.

"Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always."

Psalm 105:4


  1. What wonderful news! how GREAT is our GOD! i am so encouraged by Elizabeth and her family. I have been praying for you daily Parsleys and I will not stop until my friend is better. Elizabeth, you are so strong and full of life! I am honored to have had you as a friend for the past 17 years. You and your family are lovely people and I will continue to pray for miracles to be sent your way, in Jesus' name. Keep your beautiful head held high, your God's love shows through you and your progress! <3 you guys!

    -Jenna (Jumonville) Gass

  2. This is fabulous news! Go Elizabeth!

  3. Dear Miss Elizabeth :)
    Madison, Donovan, Michael, & I check this blog daily and are still "prayer warriors" for you each evening :) We love you & are so thankful to Our God for healing you so wonderfully each day!!!!!
    We will wait for you to be comfortable & cozy at home next door and then come see you~
    The Armistead family

  4. It is welcome news to hear how well Elizabeth continues to progress. Many prayers are with her daily. Janet

  5. This is great news! God is great!!!

  6. Phil 4:4 REJOICE in the Lord always, REJOICE! Dear E, I am so pleased for your progress, strength, perserverance and strength! GO E! And Thank You Dear Lord! Please continue to bless E's recovery and treatment, and remove this burden completely. Thank you for your Grace and Gifts. Sincerely, Jan in MO

  7. Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Elizabeth, I pray for you and your family each day. Nic Pitts

  8. Elizabeth-
    It is so wonderful to hear such great news!! I check the blog everyday and have been praying so hard for you! You are such a bright and beautiful woman, always have been!! I dont think i have ever prayed so hard and i want to thank you for bringing me back to my Faith! You are strong and have such an amazing support system behind you and so many people praying for you and we cant wait till you are completely healed!

    Pray Long, Pray Hard, Pray Always!!

    Stephanie Carpenter

  9. Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord..Elizabeth and family you do not know me, but I have been praying and praying for you all. I have wanted to walk across the street when you are home, but have decided to give you a time of rest. Everytime I look at your house I pray...I am praying for COMPLETE recovery..If you ever need us...we are here.. Your across the street neighbor...Ashley Adams