Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prayers for Becca

I know that this blog has been created for Elizabeth, but Becca one of Elizabeth's closest friends and one of the girls involved in the same accident E was in needs our prayers today.

Becca had a lot of bruising on her left leg as result of the accident. A large, and I mean LARGE hematoma developed on the back of her upper leg (I would estimate it as the size of a grapefruit.)  Doctor's have been closely monitoring it, and said that it would go down on it's own. The last couple of days Becca has not felt well at all and this morning woke up with a high fever. She was in more pain than usual and her mother took her to the emergency room. The doctors there decided that Becca needed emergency surgery to drain the hematoma in her leg especially since an infection was found and thought to be spreading.

At around 10 am Becca was prepped for surgery. The procedure took a couple of hours. Two tubes were inserted into her leg to drain the rest of the fluid. The surgeon did find infected tissue and believes he was able to get it all out. Becca is on a very high dose of antibiotics to kill any infection that may have spread. She will remain in the hospital at least for the night. It will be a couple of days before tests will be back indicating that the infection has been taken care of so it is possible that should could remain at NEA Baptist in Jonesboro until then.  Please keep Becca in your prayers.  She was on her way to see Elizabeth in Little Rock today.

PRAY. "Lord we lift up Becca. We pray that you would heal her body from this surgery and the infection would be eliminated."

PRAY. "Father we pray that Becca would be healed and that she would feel better very soon. We pray that she would be encouraged and filled with your spirit."

PRAISE. "We praise you for guiding the surgeon through her procedure and that everything went as planned."

PRAISE. "Thank you for Becca's life. Thank you for saving her physical life 3 weeks ago today after the car accident but thank you most of all for saving her for eternity with You several years ago."


  1. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Amen. Phil 4:3 Our prayers continue, plz be encouraged, I know that you are drawing on strength you may not have known you had, do not grow weary.

  2. Sarah Johnson- Becca's SisterOctober 5, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    I love you Sister! Your going to be fine! Your getting better every single day! God is in control! Stay strong! Love lil sis, Sarah

  3. Im sorry I had a type-o Phil 4:13 not vs 3. Keep smiling E, your smile is a light to others! Your strength is amazing, stay focused dear E! Have a Blessed day. Jan in MO