Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Steps

Hopefully today will be the day that the doctor comes. I love the way someone put it yesterday in the comments, "we are not waiting on the physician, we are waiting on God!" This has proved very difficult for some of us, but we must continue to be patient and rejoice in the blessings that God has given us.

This morning, Jacob has been reading to Elizabeth out of a devotional book. He was reciting to her part of the passage, and asked her to repeat back to him the portion that said, "I am." Well- she did it. In an audible voice, Elizabeth comprehended what Jacob asked her to do, processed the words in her mind, and repeated back to him this phrase!  She also moved from her back to her side on her own to better face Jacob. PRAISE GOD for these reminders of His grace and love. Thank you Lord!

We must continue to constantly lift Elizabeth and her family in prayer.  Isaiah 40:28 says "He will not grow tired or weary." Our Father loves to hear his children pray to Him- he doesn't get tired of us praying for the same things, so we shouldn't either!

PRAISE. Thank God for the continued miracles He is doing in Elizabeth's body. Thank Him for healing her bruises and scars. Thank Him that Elizabeth continues to breathe on her own, is beginning to open her eyes, is moving her body, rolling to her side, recognizing the voices of her family and loved ones, talking and SMILING! Thank Him for answering these prayers and our prayers to cover her family with love and mercy.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would have continued progress. Pray for her to open her eyes and for them to be able to focus and respond like they should. Pray that the injuries to her brain would heal and that she would regain complete consciousness.

PRAY. Pray for Michelle, Bill, Billy, Rachel, and Jacob. Pray that they would be faithful and patient. Pray that they would rejoice in the life of their loved one. Pray that they would be hopeful. Pray for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Pray that God would have mercy on them.

PRAY. Pray for those who don't know the Jesus that Elizabeth and her family know. Pray that people that might just be reading this blog for updates would realize the healing power of Jesus and would desire to know Him personally. Pray that they would realize that lives can be changed in an instant, and that we are never guaranteed another day. Pray that they would come to know Him today!

We are overwhelmed with the response for people wanting to support this family by wearing a tshirt that reminds everyone that sees it to pray for this precious child. Many of you have also given donations. We will be giving your monetary support to the family as early as this weekend. Thank you thank you thank you for your support.

The first t-shirt order was placed yesterday morning. If you prepaid for your shirt before 8 am on Monday morning your order will be ready in the first batch that we will hopefully have by this weekend. PLEASE KNOW that you can absolutely still order shirts! We needed at least 100 to place the first order and will place another order in the next week.  If you have any questions regarding the tshirts or have problems with PayPal, please contact Alex Hale at arhale@ymail.com.  Look for a post later today or tomorrow about instructions on how to pick up your shirt.

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning." Lamentations 3:22-23


  1. Dear Elizabeth, You don't know me, but I am in your BSF group. The group met the first time last week and you had a name tag laying on a chair. There were some in the group that knew you and others that knew OF you, but we are all praying FOR you. Can't wait until you are able to join us! God is being glorified through your experience. Have no fear that it is being wasted. To God be the glory! Great things He has done! Love in Him, Carol Norman

  2. Reading the posts daily brings tears to my eyes. God's work is so evident in this situation! The day after the post that asked people to get with a group and pray was added, we coincidentally broke into prayers groups at church. I told the people in my prayer group about what the blog had said and I know that it touched more than just me. I firmly believe that God's healing power is just beginning in Elizabeth's life!

  3. My scripture for today was "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open" Matthew 7:7... this has been our prayer for a week now .. if we continue to ask and continue to pray and knocking on Gods door he will give and elizabeth will recieve his healing power... I am constantly praying for her every time i see her picture on my back ground of my phone... God is a gracious and mighty God we serve he is capable of curing anything he wants.. thank you Jesus for the way she is improving and keeping her body healing daily.. The Wilson's are prayer for you daily...

  4. Praise God who is the healer...
    Sonya Penny

  5. Elizabeth, You and your family are a beautiful testimony of courage, strength, faith, and love. Matthew 9:22 surely applies to you. Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said. "Your faith has healed you." With our love and faith that God hears the prayers of his children, Lu and Mary Hardin

  6. I want to say thank you to the person that has been posting these blogs. I look forward to reading about Elizabeth's progress everyday! I know she is strong and with God's grace, she will pull through. I think and pray about her constantly and can't wait to hear more good news!