Friday, September 17, 2010

Our God has heard our prayers!!

If you do not believe in prayer... you will after this post!

We've had a great morning of praiseworthy progress! Elizabeth has had her breathing tube removed completely! She is slowly waking and is definately opening her eyes more. She is beginning to cough (which Im told is good.)  Elizabeth is fully aware of her surroundings. She seems to understand that there was an accident and knows that she is recovering.   Rachel asked Elizabeth to hold up the sign for "I love you" with her hands. She did it! The doctor arrived and Jacob was explaining what Elizabeth had done and she did it again perfectly for the doctor!  Jacob also stood at the foot of the bed and blew Elizabeth a kiss and she returned it. :) We are hopeful that Elizabeth should wake very soon and more of the things we have prayed for will be answered.

Elizabeth will be having many of the same tests rerun to make sure that no other issues have developed.  We need to be in prayer for these exams.

PRAISE. Please offer praise to our Father for hearing our prayers and continuing to heal Elizabeth.  Thank Him for His answer to her improved breathing and the tube being removed!

PRAY. PRay that Elizabeth would continue to wake with ease. Pray that her pain level would remain low enough so that the medications can continue to be lowered.

PRAY. Pray for the exams to come back clean. Pray that no other issues develp and that our precious friend is healed completely.

PRAY. We are nearing the time when Elizabeth's head injury will be better analyzed. Please pray that Elizabeth's personality, memory, coordination, and thought processes are without damage. Pray that Elizabeth would begin talking and smiling.

Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers. We cannot stop until she is whole again!

We are still working on details for the tshirts and bracelets. Tonight at midnite will be the last opportunity to pre order a shirt. We need a count to place an order. The tshirts should be no more than $20.  Email is

Here is an address where you can send a card of encouragement to Elizabeth and the Parsley family. Also if you would like to drop a note of encouragement to the other girls involved in this accident, Becca and Courtney, we will distribute to their families.  Please indicate on your envelope which girl the card is for.

PO Box 10490, Conway, AR  72034

"This is the day that the Lord hath made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  1. That is great news!! I will continue to pray for Elizabeth. Our God is an awesome God.
    Diane Swaim, Pleasant Plains

  2. Love hearing the wonderful news! Gives me chills! Our God is so good and is healing our sweet friend !


  3. Wonderful news!! God is so Great!! We will continue praying.

    Kathy Lovelace


  5. GOD is so good! Glad to hear Liz is doing much better! Keep the good news coming! Still praying for our sweet Liz!!

  6. This is a favorite quote from Liz's FB page ((Your never too messed up, broken or far gone that your creator can't bring you back, heal you and put you back together again! ♥- liz boedeker)) Just thought it fit perfect. Our God is A WONDERFUL God!! Just goes to show us all how he works! Stay strong and Still Praying

  7. Linda Goodwin DeWitt, ARSeptember 18, 2010 at 12:15 AM


  8. We have an AWESOME God!!!!!! I love you Elizabeth & have been praying every day! God's hands are working & you are a perfect example that God is loving, healing, and so compassionate! Keep trusting, Beautiful!

    Love, Page

  9. Good news Elizabeth. The Davis Family is praying for you! - Daryl, Chakla, Caleb & Erin Davis.