Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gather Together

I am told that Elizabeth is not quite as responsive today as she has been. Her precious eyes have not opened and we are so desperate to see them.  Elizabeth is still pretty out of it, but we are trusting in our Lord to again hear our prayers and wake up this sweet angel.

I love that when I get an update from her sissy or her sweetie they start by saying, "She looks so beautiful." You dont have to look at the pictures on this blog or her facebook page long to know that she is a beautiful girl. But you have to spend even less time with her in person to know that she is so much more beautiful on the inside. Elizabeth is a very caring and compassionate young lady who always is more concerned for others than herself. Her family might describe her as a "family gal." She's happy to spend time with her parents, sister, or brother and his family over just about anything else. Her friends would tell you that she is the life of the event. She is usually responsible for planning house parties or dinner out.  We've joked lately that if you want any pictures for your "night out," you'd better make sure Elizabeth is there because there will be no less than 100 pictures taken.  And if you are responsible for taking pictures, you'd better get them on facebook within 24 hours or she will take your camera and do it herself.  As I've mentioned before, she loves Jesus with all of her heart. She shows His loves by the way she lives her life. She is selfless and puts God and others first. 

God has answered so many of our prayers this week, and like the title of one of the posts, we must pray without ceasing. Until this precious girl is like new again, we must continue to lift her needs in prayer. Her family and friends are desperately needing prayer at this time. While we feel sure that our Lizzie is going to survive, it is still scary and exhausting to watch her recover and wonder how and when she will wake up.

PRAISE. "Father God we thank you for saving Elizabeth's life... physically- but more importantly how you rescued her soul so many years ago when she confessed her sins and invited You into her life."

PRAISE. "Thank you Jesus for a promise of hope yesterday when Elizabeth's breathing stabilized and the breathing tube was removed! Thank you for her sweet gestures of love to her family and signs of waking."

PRAISE. "Praise be to God who created Elizabeth and the impact that her faith has had on the lives of so many people."

Please pray for these specifics.

PRAY. "Father we pray that Elizabeth would wake up. We plead that she would wake up easily and without pain. Father restore her mind. May Elizabeth wake up the same Elizabeth that you created her to be."

PRAY. "Please enable Elizabeth's mind to be able to follow commands that the doctors give her. Please open her eyes and allow her to see her loved ones that have missed her so much this week.  Please continue to stabilize her breathing and may no other complications arise."

PRAY. "We lift up Michelle, Bill, Rachel, Billy, and Jacob to You. Comfort and guide them in this time of crisis. Help them to know your love for them and for Elizabeth and may you remind them that you will NEVER leave them nor forsake them."


We have had an overwhelming response for the t-shirts. We should have things up and running today for you to be able to prepay for your t-shirt via PayPal.  Thank you to Autumn Tolliver, Britney McRae, and Alex Hale for taking on this awesome project. Please check back later today to get your tshirt ordered.
I am headed to a sweet group of friends that will be having a time of special prayer for Elizabeth's healing.  The Bible says:
For where two or three come together in My name, there am I with them.

Matthew 18:20
I encourage you to set aside a time in your day to gather with 2, 3, or more people to pray for Elizabeth.  Please leave a comment if you have done/will commit to doing this.


  1. Definitely committ to continue to do this! We are standing in agreement daily here for Elizabeth's complete healing and recovery. I was looking at some of the meanings of the name "Elizabeth" and it's biblical origin last night after praying. Some of the meanings listed were "my God is bountiful" "My God is abundant" and "Near to God"...I know that Her Lord is near to her and her family right now and that he is enough--he has "plans to to prosper and not harm her, plans to give her hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11. My sweet pastor's wife from home told me that she loved what Beth Moore had said in the Believing God study, "When you don't know what to believe Him for in a given situation, just believe for Him to be HUGE! because we serve a huge God. We are believing God to be HUGE in the days ahead, we love you sweet Elizabeth! Micaela & Family

  2. Praying for Elizabeth and her whole family during this difficult time...believing that our God can and will heal her!

    Jamie Garner
    (Micaela's sister)

  3. Elizabeth we are praying for you...and family!! But I wanna order shirts and I'm not sure how to do so!!! If someone would email me and let me know...!! In continue to pray and. Believing God is in control!!

  4. I have been following Elizabeth's progress through your blog and I am so grateful for it! I have so much faith that God is holding her and I pray she opens those eyes!! Reading about her responding to those closest to her is so amazing! It reasures me that God is with her and is doing so much to answer the many prayers we have sent! We have to be strong and continue to send prayers for the future; when she opens her eys, responds and comunicates and evetually walks out of there and returns to her amazing family, friends and life! Elizabeth stays close in my heart and even closer in my prayers. We love her! Thanks for all the information!!