Thursday, September 23, 2010

T-shirt and bracelet information.

 Bracelets will be available for purchase for $5 at the Remax location in Conway. Be sure and purchase one when you pick up your shirt!  Remax of Conway (located by Waffle House in Conway) is your go to place for bracelets! Even if you got one free for your commitment as a Prayer Warrior for Elizabeth, consider purchasing a few more for family and friends. All proceeds will go to support the Parsley family as Elizabeth recovers. They will be available there Monday September 27th! The bracelets are light blue in color and say "Prayers for Elizabeth" and "II Timothy 1:7."

The first round of shirts will be in this Friday.  Below is a list of everyone who ordered in time for the first order-- PLEASE look over this list and make sure your shirt is being delivered to the right location. If it's not please email Alex Hale at as soon as possible so we can get you switched. Also, if you're under the ship list and you know of someone who can pick up your shirt please let us know. If you're not on this list don't worry! Your shirt will be ordered in the next round, on October 11th and will be available the following Monday.

LOCATION—LITTLE ROCK--- (If your in the LR area-- someone will contact you about picking up your shirt or they will deliver it to you)
Kristen Kobe
Whiteny Chancellor
Allyson Sample
Stephanie Carter
Autumn Tolliver
Caroline Fow
Lauren Rodebush
Tara Wittenburg
Sarah Denman
Jessica Gobin
Lindsey Keaster
Katie Cox 
Nicki Rickman
Sarah Harris

BENTON/BRYANT-- (contact Paige Covington at to get your shirt)
Nicki Hall
Jennifer Shook

MAUMELLE-- (contact Tasha Cozens at to get your shirt)
John Jones
Derek Horton
Brandy Gramling
Tyler Williams

CONWAY- (Pick up for Conway, Greenbrier, Vilonia and surrounding towns will be in Conway at ReMax located at 1125 Skyline Drive. You can pick up between 5:30pm -7:30pm on Monday, September 27th and Tuesday, September 28th-- If you can't pick up at either one of these times, please e-mail Britney McRae at

Kristen Foster
Kimberly Owens
Darren Harris
Janet Criswell (Laurie Horton)
Janet Lloyd
Julie Storie
Lance Heer
Lindsey Smith
Kara Campbell
Kyle McDaniel
Steve Boone
Rachel Lepper
Jan Barrow
Joanna Rankin
Sarah Smith
Kristin Lybarger
Sarah Lum
Suzanne May
Brynn Shuckman
Amanda Adams
Ana Martinez
Kristi Ruhman
Stacey Pierce
Michaela Thomas
Teilla Bradley 
Donna Martin
Robert Johnson
Julie Duke
Vickie Bench
Gordon Thomas
Katherine Tooke
Raymond Clark
Courtney Sullins
Sheena Gum
Sarah Unwer
Kyndle Steinmetz
Megan Margis
Suzanne Smith
Sherrye Craig
Mary Moody
RaeLynn Calloway
Tiffany Vo
Joy McRae
Becca Johnson (Sarah Johnson)
Britney McRae
Kara Puryear (B Mac)
Cassie Jo (B Mac)
Chloe McNeil
Beth Yockey
Alicia Clafin
Brittany Lewis
Linda Roster White
Haley Morgan
Brittany Paul
Nichole Jones
Keeli Warford
Kathy Payne
 Ragen Fiddler

HOT SPRINGS (contact Paige Covington at to get your shirt)
Spencer Wilson
Joe Wilson

FAYETTEVILLE (contact Heather Fite at for pick-up or delivery) 
Rachel Burns
Brittany Dixon
Kristine Stewart
Casey Hale
Sarah Penny
Kim Pope
Maggie Perea

These people we are planning to ship the shirt to-- Please e-mail us at if you have a way to get the shirt other than in the mail.   
Winter Yielding 
Sherry Lavine
 Lee Walker 
Sherry Bell 
Kathryn Hodo  
Angela Setliff 
Allison Riels 
Justin Collins 
Seth Alexander 
Kathleen Miller  
The second order for shirts will be ordered on October 11th.  If you are not on this list and have paid, your shirt will be ordered on that day and should be available by Monday October 18th. 

After paying for the shirts- we have as a group given about $2,500 to this family. I know they will be appreciative, but I can't imagine their faces when people all over the state are wearing shirts saying that they are supporting Elizabeth and praying for her daily!! The bracelets have not yet been figured it but will add to this total.

**If someone sees your shirt and wants one, send them to the blog and encourage them to preorder through paypay by Sunday, October 10th at midnight. For bracelets- they need to go to REMAX in Conway!

I will post a picture of the shirt as soon as I figure out how to do so :) They are dark gray in color with light blue writing and are front and back. Elizabeth's favorite verse, II Timothy 1:7 is printed on the back.


  1. We are praying for you and your family. I heard this song today and cried tears of joy because it made me think of you Elizabeth. I love it and will think of you everytime I hear it.
    It is called beautiful world "We're all here" by Jim Brickman
    Joanna Rankin

  2. Elizabeth,
    We want to send you a wake-up call.....
    this is your Uncle Gil and Aunt Louise
    yepper - all the way down in Ba-TONH Rouge
    Louisiana - your Louisiana Geubelle's !

    WE ARE there with you and I know you can feel it/ plus all of your friends--god knows how many--your mom and dad and Rachel.

    We love you and may god bless you !!

  3. I will pray faithfully for Elizabeth's complete healing and for her family at 11pm every night. Susan Wilson- Hot springs