Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today was another great day.  Actually... everyday is a great day because of the hope we have in Jesus- some days are just better than others. :) Today was one of those better days!

Elizabeth was once again given the medication to stimulate her around 9:30 am. She was awake and very alert most of the day.  Her eyes are WIDE open, and she has great eye movement. It is a bit delayed, but she can move her eyes, blink, etc.  Elizabeth has been very happy today. She is trying to laugh and smiles a LOT!  Our prayers for her encouragement are definitely being heard. She was very talkative but very worn out. The family has to be very careful with how much they stimulate her because her body and mind are still in desperate need of rest.  When people are constantly in and out... visitors combined with health care workers and family- it makes rest impossible.

As I mentioned the other day, Elizabeth has been explained that she was involved in a car accident 2 weeks ago. She mostly understands, but there is still some confusion. Picture your self waking from a REALLY deep sleep and being disoriented- not knowing where you are or how long you've been asleep. Now multiply that times 14 or more. She does sometimes ask where she is, but other times knows that she's in the hospital in Little Rock. This is just going to take some time and we must be PATIENT IN AFFLICTION until her mind is able to sort through the details.

Your Elizabeth "laugh for the day" involves her asking for her workout video to be played in her room. Evidently she is getting very restless having been in a hospital bed for 2 weeks and is ready to get back to working out. Rachel convinced her that it may be a little early to do the workout video and encouraged her to do "Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL)" instead. (This exercise involves her pulling her feet up under her and pushing up through her legs to life her rear end in the air.) Elizabeth agreed and told Rachel to count how many she did. (Rachel said she was able to pull her legs up on her own and was actually able to do a couple VERY slowly.)  I am encouraged (and giggly) about this. Encouraged because not only does she have a Traumatic Brain Injury, but I can't imagine the muscle tone she has lost for sleeping for 2 weeks! I giggle because only Elizabeth would be worried about her exercise routine after being in a coma for 10 days.  Next thing we know when she is able to eat solid food she will make the food service workers use her Weight Watchers counter to prepare her food! (Elizabeth and her sister are lifetime members, FYI)

On a much more serious note, Elizabeth will be having a CT scan first thing tomorrow morning. I am encouraging EVERYONE- whether or not you've committed to being a Prayer Warrior- to set an alarm for 7 AM to PRAY for this exam's results. We need to pray that the fluid on Elizabeth's brain has been absorbed and that healing is occurring. We should also pray that no new concerns arise.

Please continue to be in prayer for these things:
1. Complete healing for Elizabeth. Healing that would be unexplainable by professionals taking care of her and only explained as an act of God.
2. No new issues arise... infections, delayed bleeding, seizures, etc.
3. Elizabeth's orientation. Where she is, time of day/night, past vs present events
4. Elizabeth's encouragement and encouragement and hope for her family.
5. Pray that her health care professionals would be knowledgeable in their fields and that the Lord would give them wisdom to do all medically possible for Elizabeth
6. That the fluid on Elizabeth's brain would have been absorbed by the time the CT scan is done tomorrow morning. Pray that that her brain will show healing and that no delayed bleeding or any issues have occurred.
6. Pray that God would receive Glory from this accident and that people would come to know the Lord as a result

PRAISE our Father in Heaven for the blessings we have been given! Praise Him for answering our prayers!
1. Elizabeth's encouragement and happiness
2. The progress Elizabeth has made- waking, smiling, alertness, talking, eye control, improved head control, memory, recognition skills, and motor skills
3. Elizabeth's personality shining thorough ever so slightly- her sweet spirit, humor etc.
3. Encouragement of her family and their renewed hope
4. All of those praying for Elizabeth and her family- many of which do not know her or her family personally
5. Praise our Father for healing Elizabeth!
Please NO visitors to see Elizabeth. While she is awake, she still can not be overstimulated. Please understand that while it is comforting to see her since she is awake and alive- we must do what is best for her. The family is welcoming visitors, but when you arrive you need to go to the 6th floor waiting area. Please do NOT go to Elizabeth's room. If the Parsley's are not in the waiting room, then sign in at the nurse's station.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers and ask other's you know to do so. There is a long road of rehab ahead for Elizabeth. We must be diligent in prayer that she will be whole again.

Prayer bracelets have been mailed to those who committed to pray. If you do not receive yours by the weekend and you followed the steps to become a Prayer Warrior in last week's blog- THEN email me at  It is never too late to sign up to be a Prayer Warrior, just please post a comment so we know how many have committed. I cannot guarantee you a free bracelet, but anyone can purchase one, beginning tomorrow for $5 at REMAX in Conway. 

Also, many have asked about paying for their "free" bracelet. The easiest thing for you to do is to donate $5 (or more) using the "Donate" button on the right side of the page. You will need to set up an account with PayPal and use a checking routing number, debit, or credit card to make a donation. This is much safer than you mailing your check to me. Also, you may contact any Simmons Bank location to make a donation into the fund setup for Elizabeth Parsley. If they need the checking account number, you may email for more information.

T-shirts can still be ordered, we will place a new order on October 11th. Email for ANY tshirt questions.

Most importantly, PRAY PRAY PRAY. Please remember to pray for Elizabeth at 7 am Monday morning regarding her CT scan. Please pray boldly and persistently!

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
 (John 16:33)


  1. Praying right now for Elizabeth's CT scan. Father, we just ask for your hand to be upon Elizabeth and that you would bring complete and total healing. Lord, we ask that her brain would continue to heal, that it would completely reabsorb the spinal fluid and that no new problems would have arisen. We desperately ask that you would restore her fully.

  2. Jesus help heal Elizabeth's mind, soul and body. Whether she progresses by leaps and bounds or baby steps I will be forever be grateful for your love to Elizabeth and her loved ones.

  3. I do not know Elizabeth but I found this blog a little over a week ago through a facebook friend who posted it. I have been checking it regularly and was on my way to class this morning at 7 AM when I randomly thought about Elizabeth and how I had not checked this blog in a couple days. I immediately prayed for her and I am just now checking the blog and seeing that prayers were requested at 7 AM. God really does work in miraculous ways and my faith has been strengthened through this accident. I will continue to keep Elizabeth and her family in my prayers.