Monday, September 27, 2010

That's What Faith Can Do

CT scans look GOOD! There is not enough fluid to show concern.  Elizabeth will not have to have fluid removed and it looks as though her brain is healing properly! Eliz was having some trouble swallowing water during speech therapy today so the swallow test has been postponed to tomorrow morning or possibly later. She did eat a bite of applesauce today!

Elizabeth is healing! Her doctors were literally astounded today at her progress (ANSWERED PRAYERS!)  They really couldn't believe it when she was able to STAND up once today with assistance from her therapist for balance.  She also sat in a wheelchair for 10-15 minutes.  This is a REALLY big step in the right direction.  Thank you so much for being faithful in prayer. Don't forget to give praise to our Savior. What a mighty God we serve!

Elizabeth's memory is a little off. We need to be in prayer for her ability to be able to recall basic things. She is a little confused at times, yet other times her mind seems perfectly clear.  She is still very sleepy. This is all "medically normal" for the amount of head trauma Elizabeth has experienced... but I think we are all aware now that God is our ultimate healer and is capable of healing her completely and quickly.

Elizabeth is still to have no visitors at this time. Thank you for understanding. I am providing you with the mailing address where you can send a note of encouragement for Elizabeth and/or her family.
P.O. Box 10490
Conway, AR 

Also, stay tuned for an opportunity to provide a meal to the family. Once Elizabeth has been moved to rehab, I will post a link to a website where you can sign up to take them a meal. Now on to the real purpose for this blog:

PRAISE. "Praise be to God whom all blessings flow! Thank you Father for healing Elizabeth. Thank you for answering our prayers for the CT scan of Elizabeth's brain to show absorption of the fluid and healing of her brain!"

PRAISE. "Thank you Father for answered prayers for doctor's to not be able to explain her healing. Father we give You the Glory!"

PRAISE. "We thank you for continuing to heal Elizabeth physically and for the steps she made in rehab today- standing, sitting in a chair, and eating a bite of applesauce."

Please continue to pray that...

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would have continued healing. Pray that by next week's CT exam that the rest of the fluid will have been absorbed and her brain structures show additional healing.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would be given the swallow test at the right time and that God would give her the ability to swallow correctly.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would get rest. Pray that her body would continue to heal. Pray that God would regulate her internal schedule and that she would be able to wake and sleep without the help of medication.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth's mind would heal. Pray for her recall abilities. Pray for her memory. Pray her personality would come through and that our Elizabeth would return to us.

PRAY. Pray for the Parsley's and Jacob. Pray that they would be encouraged and comforted as they watch their loved one heal. Healing may be long and hard and questionable at times. Pray that they would continue to have hope in Jesus and their cups would run over with His blessings and love.

PRAY. Pray for those taking care of Elizabeth. Pray that for those that don't know Jesus that they would see her miraculous healing and the faith of Elizabeth and her family and friends.  Pray that they would want to know the same Jesus.

"I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.  Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken."
Psalm 62:1,5

I think this song is so fitting... it talks about how powerful our faith is! We have to remain faithful in God's ability to heal Elizabeth. She has had many good days in a row, but even if she doesn't progress like WE would want, or if God's will has something for Elizabeth that we do not like- we must remain faithful. We must continue to praise and trust Him.


  1. This is such FANTASTIC news!!! The power of prayer is so evident again!! Everyone please continue to pray for Elizabeth. I do not know you personally Elizabeth but I know that you are a strong willed, beautiful young lady that has a lot going for you and there are sooo many people that love you and sending prayers your way. Hoping and praying that you continue to improve daily. It will not be long before you are totally back to doing the things you have always done. Keep fighting. Do not ever give up. In Christian love, Corneil Copeland, Senatobia

  2. Such wonderful, encouraging news! Continuing to pray daily. At noon I prayed that Phil. 4:13 would be in E's heart today.

  3. SO completely incredible! I should never be amazed at our God because of His faithfulness and promise but I always am. I am so grateful for your progress Elizabeth! You are so strong and we are ALL praying for you and your family!

    Sarah Lum

  4. Love lifted me....Love lifted me......When nothing else could help.......Loved Lifted Me........

  5. So proud of you Elizabeth! And all GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE to the name above every other name--JESUS! He is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER...The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, the God that parted the Red Sea, walked in the fiery furnace with three young Hebrews...the God that took one lunch and fed thousands...the same God that made the lame to walk, blind to see, deaf to hear...HE endured the cross and conquered the tomb...THAT'S YOUR GOD, ELIZABETH!!!! And He is worthy of our PRAISE!
    We are rejoicing here tonight:) Jaiden heard Mario & I cheering in the other room as I read the update out loud--she came running in and as I read the part about you STANDING for a moment today, she interrupted me, saying, "That's EXACTLY what I prayed for today!!--For her to STAND UP!!" You need to know that you have a host of people going to battle for every aspect of your recovery. We are pleading with the Lord for total healing. He is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine! Ephesians 3:20 and I am asking Him to do it all when it comes to you :) I can't wait for you to get to the point where you can reflect on each person's words of encouragement as you read through posts, comments, cards, etc and feel the love of every single one---many that know you personally and just as many that may have never met you but have been drawn to your sweet spirit! What a great work the Lord is doing and I am so thankful. We love you all.

  6. i will continue to pray for this beautiful gal! i know she will come away from this w/ a powerful testimony to her faith! i pray that this will bring others to Christ!

  7. It is amazing how Elizabeth is progressing. She does have a strong will, heart and faith. Her family instilled good values and morals in her as a child. Thank you God.
    Give that girl some frozen yogurt with sprinkles. Yummy

  8. Wonderful news! Thank you for these updates. We're praying daily and checking in daily. God bless Elizabeth :)