Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Elizabeth passed her swallow test today! God is SO very good! Just as we prayed, everything worked together like it should and she was able to swallow with no problem! The feeding tube was removed and Elizabeth can now eat solid food!

Rachel left to go get her baby sis a strawberry smoothie, but Elizabeth said she wanted pizza instead. :)  I am told that she hasn't actually been hungry at all today... she has been given some pretty high calorie liquid nutrition through her feeding tube so its possible that she really was just full. We need to be in prayer that her appetite returns soon so that she has the strength to eat solid food and do her rehab.

Speaking of.... E has been cleared to move to BRI... Baptist Rehab Institute. This is a HUGE blessing. BRI is located on the same campus as "Big Baptist" but in a different building. E will move there sometime tomorrow (Thursday.) E's doctors are so impressed with her progress. They feel that she is completely ready to begin the extensive rehab process. Her family agrees and is excited about this new step.

Elizabeth walked some more today with the help of her Physical Therapist and a walker. She is proud of the things she is able to do, but is also still a little confused and down at times about what is going on. Please continue to be in prayer for E's encouragement. Pray also that her hope would remain high and her mind would clear.

E will have her own room in rehab (YAY!) Her family is committed to staying with her 24 hours a day so this helped in her getting her own room. At this time, please continue to hold off on visiting- especially while this transition is going on. Hopefully by next week, when they are more adjusted occasional visitors will be permitted. I will keep you updated.  In the meantime, please stay tuned for a link where you can start signing up to take food to the Parsley's.  Hopefully I will have that link posted tomorrow or Friday.

Please give praise to the Lord who is healing our sweet friend!
1. Praise Him for answering our prayers about the swallow test. Thank Him for continuing to heal E.
2. Moving to Rehab tomorrow
3. Giving E encouragement and hope and the same to her family
4. For the improvements E is making each day
5. For the astonishment of the doctors in response to her healing... some that we do not think know Jesus

Please continue to pray...
1. That Elizabeth would be healed wholly
2. That E would have encouragement and faith
3. That E's mind would clear and that she would not be disoriented or confused
4. Pray that E would have an appetite
5. Pray that E would have physical strength... rehab is going to be an ALL day thing, everyday. It will be long and hard
6. Pray for continued strength for this family. At least one family member at this time is committed to staying with her around the clock
7. Pray that God would receive glory

Bracelets.... I miscalculated postage. All of the bracelets were returned to me today and will be re mailed first thing tomorrow morning. :) I am so very sorry for the delay. I still anticipate them arriving by the weekend, but if you have not received by the middle of next week please email me at  I am nervous that some could have been lost in the mail.

I am told that the Remax is out of bracelets, but they will receive about 100 late tomorrow. Stop by on Friday to get your bracelet to remind you to "Pray for Elizabeth" for $5. All proceeds will support the Parsley's cost of traveling to Little Rock, meals, etc.

Shirts... Don't forget we will be placing another order on Oct 11th.  You can prepay and order your shirt through paypal to the right of the page or contact to arrange another form of payment.

Donations... If you would like to make a donation to the Parsley family on E's behalf, you can donate through paypal to the right of this page, or contact any Simmons bank location. You may also drop off donations to Remax in Conway.

One of Elizabeth's favorite sayings....
"God is good all the time! All the time God is good!"


  1. What great news!!! So glad we have more to praise our Lord for!

  2. Praise the Lord!!! What great news to start my day with! God is good! :)

  3. Our God Reigns!!! He is forever faithful!! What a testimony of God's enduring love!! Go E!!!

  4. Big tears running down my face, girl! That's great nwes!

  5. This is for Rachel or others of the Parsley family -- I just wanted to let you know that after my dad was in a medically induced comma for 2-3 weeks a year ago, he also had a lot of problems with confusion initially that really kind of scared us. But I want to encourage you that it definitely goes away with time... it was almost 3 months later that my Dad finally got the full picture of his time in the hospital. But especially when he was coming off the sedation medicine, things were just really confused for him, but seemed very real to him, and it just took some time before he processed that all of what he thought was going on was not always reality.

    I'm so glad to hear of Elizabeth's miraculous healing process. My family has kept you in our prayers. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.

    Elizabeth French

  6. Great is His faithfulness, Oh God our Father! Every morning new mercies we see! All Elizabeth has needed our God has provided. Great is His faithfulness! Amen, and AMEN!

  7. All we need to do is PRAY. God answers our prayers. Look at what he is doing for E!

  8. Hello! I am from Conway but not close to the family. We heard of the story and have been praying. I saw that you were going to make a link for meals. I have used a free site called carecalendar that is designed for signing up for meal bringing to a family in a situation like this. It has a place to list time for meal to come, favorites, what day of week, and what has already been brought. You may be interested in using it.
    We will continue to pray
    The norwood family

  9. Remember Jesus saying in Luke 9:23..."take up your cross DAILY, and follow Me."
    That is what we have to remember Dear One in Christ, Jesus knew we would have struggles, He knew life would not always be without difficulty, that is why He reminds us Daily, daily-take up your cross-daily. Not just once a year, but DAILY, take up This cross and Daily follow Jesus. Prayfully this cross will be removed from you Sooner than later. We do not know the time line, But I pray for your strength During this time line. Much love. Jan in MO