Thursday, September 23, 2010

"That's Rachel."

Today Elizabeth started her first official day of rehabilitation.  The OT's and PT's both spent time with her mostly having her sit up in her bed.  They have her dangling her legs over the side and have put some light pressure on her legs.  While she is sitting up well, Elizabeth has very weak head control, so she must be stabilized by her therapist. She can't sit up for too long belong her sweet little head is just all over the place right now.

A family member has stayed at the hospital every night since the accident.  Last night Jacob stayed with her and she did wake up a few times during the night. Sometimes she just mumbled different things, but at least once she asked about the boots on her legs (the ones that keep her from getting blood clots by vibrating her legs at all times.)  Today she asked for Jacob by name when he wasn't in the room. When therapy was working with her, they asked Elizabeth who was sitting beside her and she said, "that's Rachel."

Again our God is faithful and continues to provide healing for Elizabeth and comfort to her family. Praise God that Elizabeth recognized her sister today! Can you imagine the rejoicing going on inside of Elizabeth's sister and best friend when she called her by name and recognized her?

Elizabeth has a feeding tube that gives her nutrition through a tube down her nose and into her stomach. Next week Elizabeth will have a swallow test that will show if she has the ability to swallow her food.  If she isn't able to pass this by next week, they will most likely install a "button" that will feed her through a tube that goes through her abdomen and into her stomach. You better believe that will be one of our prayer requests over the next several days that she passes this test! Even if she doesn't pass this time they will continue to give her the test on a weekly basis until she can do so- but we will have great faith that she will pass the first time!

Elizabeth's pain was also lower today. When they asked her if her head was hurting, she said "not really." She still continues to sleep most of the day and has few brief moments of wakefulness. I am told that while she may not be completely alert or very talkative, she smiles often.

Elizabeth thankfully did not develop an infection anywhere even though she ran fever yesterday. I am also told that there is apparently some excess spinal fluid on her brain as a result of the accident. We need to pray that this fluid is absorbed and that hear brain is healing.

The rehabilitation doctor, Dr. G, will see her tomorrow. She will give a better assessment of Elizabeth's progress and start to form a plan about what their next steps will be as far as rehab goes. We most definitely need to be in prayer for that. Over the next few days, we are going to pray for these specific things:

PRAY. Pray that God might do a miraculous work in Elizabeth's life once again and that she would be completely healed! Pray that it would be unexplainable by doctors that she would heal so quickly and wholly.  Pray that Elizabeth would be restored to the same Elizabeth mentally and physically and that spiritually she would be even more on fire for God.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would wake up. Pray that her eyes would open and that she would stay awake and coherent. Pray that she would be alert but not agitated.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would continue to progress.  Pray that every day she would move closer to being whole again. Pray that she would regain muscle tone and control all over her body, but especially in her head and neck so that she would be able to hold up her head on her own.

PRAY. Pray for the doctor visit from Dr. G tomorrow. Pray that she would have prayerfully considered different treatments for Elizabeth and that she would put together the best plan possible to heal her quickly.

PRAY. Pray for the swallow test happening sometime next week. Pray that Elizabeth's body would be strong enough and coherent enough to pass this study so that treatment and rehab can move forward.

PRAY. Pray for the fluid and bruising on Elizabeth's brain. Pray that this fluid would be absorbed and that her brain is healing. Pray for the scans that will be done on a weekly basis from now on to show this healing.

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would be encouraged. We're convinced that Elizabeth can hear and process information. She is making great effort to wake up, talk, smile and sit up. She needs to be hopeful and encouraged also. Pray that she would be. Pray that the Holy Spirit would come over her and give her comfort and peace when she is afraid. Pray that someone would be present and encouraging when she is feeling lonely. Pray that our sweet girl would not be in pain.

PRAY. Pray for Bill, Michelle, Billy, Rachel, and Jacob. They are exhausted.  They are at the hospital from around 7 am until 9 pm at night most days. They are also taking turns staying the night at the hospital on a couch in a waiting room or in a small chair in Elizabeth's room. Jacob is working during the day and Rachel will start a new job in a couple of weeks. They wait anxiously for their loved one to be awake, and right now only get a few minutes of wakefulness here and there. Pray for their physical strength, mental stability, and spiritual alertness. Pray they would never take their eyes of Jesus.

PRAISE. Praise our sweet, kind and gracious Father for the life of Elizabeth. Praise be to Him that saved Elizabeth's soul and her physical life!

PRAISE: Give thanks to God that Elizabeth knows her loved ones. Thank Him for her smile.

PRAISE. Thank the Lord for protecting this family. Thank Him for the support system in place to help this family through the darkest valley they have ever walked through.

II Corinthians 12:9
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."


  1. I am not sure of the struggles...but when 2 or more come together.... I will pray with you as well... I said a prayer tonight.... Thanks Tiffany Jarrett

  2. I will continue praying for this strong woman, and will have my church lift her up In prayer this Sunday.


  3. I'm always thinking about you and praying for you...