Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am so amazed at the People of God who have committed to prayer! Ive been out most of the day and was just now able to check back to see the almost 200 commitments in a 10 hour period! I cannot explain to you the joy that Elizabeth's mother, Michelle had when she heard this astonishing number! Please take your commitment seriously. Set an alarm for the time that you committed to pray for. You can post your commitment to become a Prayer Warrior until Thursday evening to receive your free bracelet. But please know that it's never too late to commit to praying for her and God's healing.

Today Elizabeth began rehab. The therapists began their evaluations today and had her sit up in her bed for about 30 minutes. The rehab doctor reminded the family that Elizabeth does have a serious brain injury and that rehab can be long and difficult. We are excited about this progress today and expect that rehab should be aggressive. Elizabeth continued to have moments of wakefulness where she seems to know the voices of her family. She doesn't have a lot of head control, but can turn her head when someone walks into the room.

I also want to share a sweet story of a precious angel that has been sent to this family.  One of Eliz's nurses from ICU that has been taking care of her since day one had a day off today. Instead of staying at home or doing something with her family, she took her afternoon to come to Elizabeth's new room in the hospital and give her a bath.  It took most of the afternoon and I hear Elizabeth just smiled as her hair was being washed. (If you know Elizabeth, you know the girl has got some seriously beautiful THICK hair!)  I just think this friend was so sweet to give of her unpaid time to pamper our precious friend. It also made me think of how sweet Elizabeth is. Elizabeth spent many of her nights in college taking care of her grandmother including bathing her. How sweet that someone would return the favor and be glad to do so.

Elizabeth did run a little bit of a fever today. There were some concerns of infection somewhere, but at this time those concerns remain low.  We need to pray diligently that Elizabeth continues to make progress every day and that she remains calm and does not become agitated while she continues to wake.  We need to continuously pray that Elizabeth's mind that will be restored and that her sweet sweet spirit returns to us soon.

Her mother has also asked me to ask all of you to pray for the family of Jake Pruett.  The Pruett's and Parsley's met over the last several days in the ICU at Baptist Hospital. Jake had been there since September first following a motorcycle accident.  Jake passed away yesterday evening.  Jake was married in July of this year. He is from Vilonia AR.  He is survived by his wife, one brother, and his mother and father. Jake worked as an RN at Arkansas Heart Hospital and Conway Regional. Just this afternoon, when Elizabeth's mother was having a "sad moment," Jake's mother offered her words of encouragement and love.  I am told that his brother, Sage prayed with Elizabeth's family also. What suffering they must be going through at this time- and to think that they would be comforting others!  Their families need our prayers right now also.

PRAISE. "Thank you Father that Elizabeth is with us. Thank you for sparing her life. We praise you for her progress today and every day. We thank you for being faithful and for instilling faith in us."

PRAISE: "Thank you for Misty, the sweet angel that has given time to Elizabeth out of the goodness of her heart and her love for you. We thank you for those that have committed to pray for Elizabeth. Praise be to God who has laid it on the hearts of so many to pray for Elizabeth and her family.

PRAISE: "We give you praise Lord for keeping Elizabeth healthy and for her vitals being strong. We lift your name on high for keeping away infection and other things that could set back her treatment.

PRAY. "We pray in Jesus' name that you heal Elizabeth! We pray that her mind would be whole again and that You would hold her in the palm of your hand!

PRAY: "We pray that as Elizabeth begins rehab tomorrow that her body would be responsive. We pray that her eyes would continue to open and that Elizabeth would wake up! We pray that she would remain calm and not become agitated or upset. We pray she would continue to make progress every day and that infection would stay away."

PRAY: "We pray for the family of Jake Pruett. Many of us do not know him, but we thank you for his life and for the friendship that you have given to these two families. We may not understand these tragedies, but please help them to have peace knowing that the same God that was on His throne before these accidents is still on His throne today! We pray peace for this family that has lost a loved one. A young wife that has lost her new husband, a mother and father that have lost their child, a brother that his lost his sibling, and so many friends that are hurting. We pray your comfort and peace be with them."



  1. Continuing to lift Elizabeth and her family up in my prayers. Thank you for the update Heather. I am glad Elizabeth is receiving wonderful care!

    God Bless
    Brittany Howell

  2. I don't know her or her family but this blog was posted on my facebook and I felt compelled to read it. Every time I read it I feel tears of strife and joy well up in my eyes. I've been praying daily because even though I don't know her, Heavenly Father knows we are all brothers and sisters through Christ and doing something as simple as saying a prayer shows our obedience to the commandment to love and care for one another and shows our love for Him.

  3. Michelle, Bill and family,
    We just wanted to let you know that Elizabeth and your family is in our daily thoughts and prayers. We were so sad to hear of Elizabeth's accident and have been keeping up with her progress through the kindness of this blog. I was tring to remember how old your girls were when we first moved to Conway. I think they were just a little but younger than my girls are now but I have always enjoyed the stories you have shared with us as your girls have grown into such beautiful young ladies. You guys have always put God and family first even with the success of your business. I'm sure it is that dedication to faith and family that will get you through the difficult times ahead. Remember to celebrate every achievement no matter how small it may seem and do not get discouraged with any minor setbacks along the rehab road as sometimes it can be a very long path.
    Just know you have so many people praying for your sweet baby girl and your family and we will continue to do so as well.
    Lisa Felts and Family

  4. I'm praying for Elizabeth every night at 11 pm. She stayed with us for a couple of weekends in Ft Smith a few years ago. I was so impressed with her sweet spirit and faith in God. I pray for full recovery to that same sweet girl and for her family as they make this journey with their precious one. May God be with you and the staff that is there to take care of Elizabeth. I pray for God's guidance for the doctors that they will know what Liz needs in order to recover fully. I pray for calm assurance for both Liz and those sitting her bedside. And I know God will bless you Heather for the time and effort you are putting into this blog. Thank you for sharing these updates with us.

    May God Bless....

  5. I do not know Elizabeth personally but my daughter (at UCA) does. I have been praying for her and her family throughout the day, but I commit to pray for her at 10:00 a.m. EVERY day until she is restored to perfect health.
    A child of the GREAT PHYSICIAN,
    Gail in El Dorado

  6. I am praying for Elizabeth, her family and the doctors. May God be with you as you navigate your way through this difficult time. However, victory is in works and I belive God will restore Elizabeth!

    Carla Soffos