Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Elizabeth is just not quite ready to wake up. As I said in the last post, sedation meds were lowered early this morning. Throughout the day Elizabeth showed signs of waking.... but has still not opened her eyes. She was turning her head from side to side, had a strong grip in her hands, bends her arms and legs and appears to have good motor function.  Only God knows why she hasnt woken up just yet. Later this afternoon, Elizabeth was sedated again so that her body can rest and continue to heal.  Tomorrow they will try this system again and we must again pray that she wakes up.

The sedatives that she is given during the day are much weaker than the "sleeping meds" she has to have a night. The light sedative, Versed, is given to allow her to wake up slowly and gradually while relaxing her enough to not fight the breathing tube. Elizabeth is getting a little too excited even with this low sedative but is still not opening her eyes. The doctors thought it best to give her the "sleeping meds" again around 3:00 so that her body will be in its most restful state and begin to heal.

Many have asked about the ventilator. Elizabeth is breathing on her own. (Still a HUGE praise!) Since she is not awake, the breathing tube is being left in purely as a backup. Should she stop breathing, which is NOT anticipated, it is easier to already have her intubated. Once her eyes are open and basic commands with her eyes can be followed, the tube can be removed.

Are you ready to pray??? Good. God is hearing our prayers and many prayers have been answered. Lets start first with Praising God for what He has done:

PRAISE. Elizabeth has good motor function.  She is very much active and moving her body.

PRAISE: Elizabeth has not taken any steps "backward" which is common with head injuries. She has continued to breathe on her own, and there have have been no new injuries develop.

PRAISE: The scans and bloodwork that they continue to do on Elizabeth daily are all coming back good. She has not needing any more blood since the initial transfusion yesterday.

Now for the prayers....

PRAY. Pray that Elizabeth would wake up. Pray that her brain would connect with the right nerves that would allow her to wake up. Pray that her beautiful eyes would open and that they would be responsive to the Dr's tests. When she can do this they can remove the ventilator. Being able to remove the ventilator would be a big step in the right direction.

PRAY. Pray that the mechanisms that make up Elizabeth's mind... her personality, her desires,memory, her mannerisms etc. would be protected by God's mercy. We need to petition prayerfully to God that Elizabeth is the same sweet person when she wakes up.

The family and friends of Elizabeth are thankful for the prayers surrounding them. They are a family of prayer and there are amazing stories of prayers being lifted all over the world. We must continue to pray and more than anything... to trust our Heavenly Father.

John 14:1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled, TRUST in the Lord."


  1. Still praying, DUH! I know God is holding you and taking care of you Liz! Can't wait to see those gorgeous eyes! Love you so much!

  2. I just came from Leigh Ann Horton's blog. I don't know your family, but I am praying specifically as you have requested for your beautiful Elizabeth. Praying God's presence and peace for you as you wait on Him.

  3. John 11:4 "This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it."

    -God gave me this verse a long time ago, and I passed it on to her mom today! I truely believe this is a verse for Elizabeth right now!

    Elizabeth is going to have an amazing testimony that will Glorify God in a way that we can't! God will continue to place his angels about her and his hand in her life as she is healed. I truely believe that this is just a season for her and that he will be glorified through it. Many lives have been impacted and will continue to be as she wakes up and tells her story to many. We love you Elizabeth and in God's time you will open your eyes! Praying and Believing!

    Love you, Kristen Foster

  4. Elizabeth,
    Still praying for you! God's grace is incredible and is the only thing in this world we can count on. We do not give up hope because we trust in Him. He is watching over you and when the time is right you will open your eyes! Praying and holding on to faith for you!

    Sarah Lum

  5. I just saw this link on facebook, came here prepared to pray for one I did not know. Gasped to see Elizabeth. I will so be praying constantly to the One true Healer. I know He is at work and have seen so many already pointed to Him through this situation. What a testimony that is to your life Elizabeth! Thank you for posting such specific ways we can pray. Will be doing it without ceasing.
    Stephanie (Robbins) Qualls
    Conway K-Life 2000-2002

  6. Elizabeth and Family there are so many people praying around the world for Eliz right now... God is going to do work and we cant ever give up. Look to his presence and think about how far she has come already.. The praise that she is breathing on her own, her moving, being able to turn her head those are huge steps. We are praying without ceasing liz and we will continue until you are fully healed. God Bless the Parsley's

  7. Praise God for all the good news,our family loves you and we know that God will heal you, you are in His tender loving, care and in His hands you are held. Can't wait to see you fully recovered.

  8. Elizabeth, I am Courtney's cousin Paul McElyea's mother-in-law. I just wanted you to know that we have the prayer warriors at work for you and your family and for your complete recovery. God works in mysterious ways and he has a purpose for you. Prayer is sooo powerful. We will continue to pray for you that you will soon wake completely and also for your family and for the doctors and nurses that are taking care of you around the clock. May God place his healing hand on you and heal you completely. God bless you all. In constant prayer, Corneil Copeland

  9. I dont know you or any of your family, but would like to say God is with you and all of your family. I will pray and keep praying that you will wake up and be an active young woman again very soon! It seems you have touched many and i know you will continue to do so. Much love to you all!

  10. God is good all the time, and all the time is God is good. You are in everyones prayers, Elizabeth. EVERYONE loves you so much, and knows that you are going to pull out of this. You are one of the strongest people that I know. I will see you, soon. Thinking of you constantly. I told my 3rd graders about you today. One of them wrote to me in their reading logs that they would be praying for you.....God is good.

  11. I am praying for you Elizabeth, I hope everything turns out ok, We all love you and know that you are a wonderful young lady that deserves the best care, love and support. Your in everybody's prayers!
    -Brittany Clark-