Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today the doctor's gave Elizabeth some medication to stimulate her and she was awake for 5 hours!! She was sitting up in her bed... EYES OPEN communicating to her family.

Are you amazed by God's works? His miracles? The answers to our prayers? I am not surprised... I know that we serve a BIG God, one that could heal Elizabeth instantly with one swift breath. But, the last 2 weeks have tested my faith has been tested like never before.  It has also been STRENGTHENED. I pray for each of you that you are leaning on God's promises to get you through this situation and others you may be facing. I know that the Parsley family is. Their faith has been shaken to the core- but our Father has not left them once. Not only that but He is hearing and answering the prayers of His children once again! We must give Him praise!

I've been told that Elizabeth talked a lot today. Sometimes she would just babble things that weren't understandable to her family, but often she is very clear and says some serious- and also some very funny things!  Being the weekend, Elizabeth has "weekend doctors" that are different than her normal rotation of doctors. Today a doctor that they had never seen before came in to see her. They all greeted him and Jacob got up to shake his hand and introduced himself. The doctor left a few moments later and Elizabeth said to everyone in the room, "Jacob is such a suck- up."  They all rolled with laughter!  I love that while our God is serious and Holy, I believe He also has a sense of humor. I am  thanking Him for these precious humorous moments that is providing some comic relief to this aching family.

Today, since Elizabeth was more alert, they told her more in detail about the accident 2 weeks ago. They have been telling her that there was an accident, but we feel that she fully comprehended today the seriousness.  I think it is so descriptive of her character that she was more concerned with her friends, Becca and Courtney that were in the accident with her. It is so Elizabeth to be thinking of others first.  Elizabeth didn't get upset, she just kind of took it all in. We know she understands that she is sick and recovering from a very bad injury. We MUST pray wholeheartedly for her encouragement to get through this.

Today was a great day. We have much to be praising our Lord for! This next week and each day will bring new challenges so we must continue to pray without ceasing.  As one friend of Elizabeth's put it this week, "Prayer Warriors- Man Your Positions!"  We also have much to petition before our Father today.

PRAISE: "Praise be to God who has heard our prayers and answered once again! Thank you Father for Elizabeth waking and being cohering and alert today!"

PRAISE. "Lord we thank you that are healing Elizabeth. We thank you for the faith that you have tested and instilled within us."

PRAISE. "Father we praise you for the relief you are providing to this family and the ones that love Elizabeth. We praise you for knowing the exact time that each of these 'healing moments' will take place and for inserting them at just the perfect time. We thank you for the moments of laughter that this family can have with their loved one."

PRAISE. "Precious Father THANK YOU for sparing the life of Elizabeth. Thank you for becoming her personal savior before this accident. Thank you for the peace that we had when we thought we might lose Elizabeth that she would be eternally with you.  Thank you for using Elizabeth to show your love to a lost a dying world."

And for the prayers...

PRAY. "Lord we pray that Elizabeth would be able to wake up on her own without medication. We pray that she would also get the correct amount of sleep for her body to heal completely."

PRAY. "We pray for the swallow test that Elizabeth will be having next week. We pray that she would be able to pass this test so that the feeding tube can be removed completely.  We pray for the CT scan they will do on Monday. We pray it shows progress and healing. We pray that the excess fluid had been absorbed completely!"

PRAY. "We pray that Elizabeth would be encouraged! We pray that she would know of the hope she has in You and we pray that she would know that all that is medically possible will be done to make her better. We pray without ceasing that hope would live inside of her and that the Holy Spirit would comfort her and hold her. We pray she would not be afraid and know that the Lord is with her always!"

PRAY. "We pray, in JESUS' NAME, that you would heal Elizabeth. We pray that physically, mentally, and emotionally she is restored completely. We pray that her spiritual health would be even healthier than before."

I know I have used this verse before... but I think it is very fitting for the hope we have today. See if you can memorize it and pray that we would be these things as we continue to pray for and cheer on Elizabeth!

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
 Romans 12:12


  1. Praise be to GOD!!!!!!!!

  2. God is in the answering business!

  3. Rejoincing in the power of prayer!!! Thank you God for Elizabeth's progress!!! We serve an AWESOME God!!! Praying for continued healing and hope for you, Elizabeth (and family)!!!

  4. Praise Jesus!! He is hearing our prayers! So thankful!

  5. Praise you God, thank you for your blessings and healing hands on Elizabeth! We pray for more strength, courage, and faith, as this new week enters our lives~
    The Armistead family

  6. Travis and I were very happy after seeing how well Elizabeth did yesterday. She asked for Seth three times, and he smiled real big when we told him last night. Seth is 9 and Jacob's younger brother. Elizabeth has been a big sister to Seth since he was 3, and Seth adores her. Seth has committed to praying for Elizabeth at night before bed,and knowing Seth, he probably is throughout the day. Travis and I are praying all throughout the day. We are praying for Elizabeth's full recovery and for our son Jacob, Bill, Michelle, Brandon & Rachael. We love the Parsley Family.

    Travis, Michele & Seth Wood
    Pleasant Plains, AR